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2021 JA5: A Gentle Cosmic Neighbor, Not a Cosmic Threat

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2021 JA5 A Gentle Cosmic Neighbor

In contrast to potentially dangerous asteroids that could pose a significant threat to Earth, 2021 JA5 does not fall into this category.

Thankfully, this asteroid, classified as an 18-meter Apollo-type asteroid, approximately the size of a 5- or 6-story building, is not expected to approach Earth within a distance of 5 million kilometers.

Even in the unlikely event of a collision, the potential damage it could cause would be minor compared to more massive asteroids.

To put this into perspective, NASA recently detected an asteroid in July with the potential to cause enormous damage if it struck, as it was roughly the size of the One Trade Center.

It’s important to note that NASA defines an asteroid as ‘potentially dangerous’ when it satisfies two specific criteria: it is likely to come within 7.5 million kilometers of Earth and measures more than 150 meters across.

In the case of 2021 JA5, it only meets one of these criteria, further assuring us that it does not pose a significant danger to our planet.

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