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Top 5 Fastest Bowlers In Cricket History.

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Fast bowling is an art, and being effective at that speed requires skill and a lot of practice. Speed ​​shooters, also known as speed guns or speed spears, bring more excitement to the game with their incredible speed and accuracy. The fast bowler in hot form is a sight to behold in cricket. Considering all points we have the top 5 bowlers in Cricket history on our list.

5. Mitchell Starc 160.4 km/hr (99.7 mph) Australia Against New Zealand 2015

4. Jeffrey Thomson 160.6 km/hr (99.8 mph) Australia Against West Indies 1975.

3. Brett Lee 161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph) Australia Against New Zealand 2005.

2. Shaun Tait 161.1 km/hr (100.1 mph) Australia Against England 2010.

1. Shoaib Akhtar 161.3 km/hr (100.2 mph) Pakistan Against England 2003.

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