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Athletic Greens All You Need To Know.

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Athletic Greens All You Need To Know

Let’s talk about green powder supplements. A brand called athletic greens is all the rage on social media these days. They have extraordinary Health claims and an Endless Marketing budget but what exactly are they?

Their supplement focuses on the nutrients found in leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables they also allege to be packed with tons of vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens. Here are some things to keep in mind because they’re made from dried fruits and vegetables inevitably they do lose some of their nutritional content.

Some green powders contain herb Blends that may interfere with medications. It may be an easy way for you to reach your Daily Greens requirements but it cannot replace the nutritional value and benefit of eating the actual Whole Foods just like any supplement it’s meant to do just that supplement a healthy diet not replace one.

Why Athletic Greens is suddenly everywhere on the internet

Athletic greens have suddenly got viral on the Internet because of their promotion by celebrities, their presence in New York Times, and their promise to give users raw and energized feelings. On top of that its a convenience of use as well as its ability to optimes one’s nutrition.  The company claims that Athletic Greens help support energy, immunity, gut health, hormonal and neural support, and healthy aging, among other benefits, according to its website.

Athletic greens
image – athletic greens

Is Athletic Greens FDA Approved?

The one-word answer to the above question is NO, but It has other certifications such as

  • TGA- Registered medicines | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)
  • GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices Certificate. Good Manufacturing Practices ensure that cosmetic and personal care products are manufactured with approved ingredients, under specified conditions of hygiene, and with proper documentation for all ingredients, processes, distribution, and packaging.
  • NSF – National Sanitation Foundation. NSF’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) registration verifies that the product is manufactured, packaged, and stored in a facility that is audited twice annually for quality and safety in compliance with federal regulations for dietary supplements GMPs.
Athletic greens

image – athletic greens

How does Athletic Greens taste?

before drinking the smell hits your nose which is a zesty and fruity kind of thing, and it doesn’t dissolve in the water completely so you can see the sediments in the water.

Well, the official website doesn’t have anything written anything about the taste of Athletic Greens but it has a very complex taste little sweet, zesty, and more of a grass-like taste. If you don’t like these notes you can add cold water or lemon juice to mask up the original taste.

athletic greens
image – athletic greens

Is Athletic Greens Worth Buying?

Well, it is a win-win situation, there are many green powder brands in the market with many beneficial claims, but if you are new to this green powder it is worth trying and seeing the real results. There is one more product called Kachava and many people nowadays compare it with Athletic greens.

Read Athletic Greens vs Kachava Comparison here


if you choose to use supplements look for companies that

  • don’t use proprietary Blends – X
  • don’t use hyper-fear to sell – X
  • disclose all ingredient amounts – ✓
  • use responsible marketing – ✓
  • provide third-party lab testing and educate the audience on each ingredient and why they’re included – ✓

so Athletic Greens is a supplement that I always asked about and if we go through the list athletic greens doesn’t actually meet the first criteria because it uses proprietary Blends. Now you’ve got Joe Rogan, Andrew Huberman, Chris Williamson, Tim Ferriss all these big names in the health space promoting ag1 so what’s the lesson? If someone has a fat Financial incentive to promote a product, maybe be a little bit skeptical about what they’re selling this is just my opinion I might be wrong please comment if you think I am full of Sh*t…

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