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How To Reduce Aging In Simple Ways.

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How To Reduce Aging

Your aging process is almost will not progress and your cellular age will almost remain stagnant for a long period of time. Right now as you see societies get more and more affluent they start eating worse and worse food.

The Effect of Tamasic Food on the Body.

Very sophisticated cities are eating that kind of food when i say that kind of food almost anything that western societies are using today are a minimum 30 to 60 days old. In yoga their food is classified as sattva, rajas, and tamas. Tamas means inertia if you eat anything which has Tamas inertia will come in your system. Inertia does not mean you just become lazy, inertia means certain things slow down.

How To Reduce Aging In Simple Ways.
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Certain things means essentially regeneration of the system slows down. Today you know that neuronal regeneration is one of the most important aspect of keeping your brain reasonably functionable functional throughout your life.

If you are consuming foods which are taamsic or causes inertia in the general function of your system, in the energetic process of who you are then, you will see cognition levels slowly will go down over a period of time, this is why people are drinking cups and cups of coca-cola or coffee or alcohol or something else because they know they need to balance that.

So this kind of balance is a very rudimentary way of balancing your system, that you’re putting wrong things and then you’re trying to correct it with again wrong things.

The highest number of antacids in the world nearly 60 percent of the world’s anticipates are sold in america the most affluent population on the planet. This means they have a whole choice of nourishment they can eat the best food but no they will eat the worst food because commercial forces will decide what you eat. You cannot eat consciously anymore what you want to eat.

The Benefits of Fresh Food

In the yogic culture if you cook something the maximum time in which you can eat it is one and a half hours or 90 minutes before that you should have eaten the food. After that we won’t touch the food because it is started gathering tamas and inertia will begin to happen. If you want to experienxe this, you can experiment on yourself – eat something very fresh for one week and eat something which is processed and kept for one month two months and then eat, you will see the level of alertness in the system.

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You will notice it in your experience but it is happening at the cellular level. It is happening in terms of we call this ojas, there is no english word for that.If you create sufficient objects which is a non-physical dimension of energy, if every cell in your body is wrapped in this then aging process is almost will not progress.

Your cellular age will almost remain stagnant for a long period of time.This is proven by medical tests that cellular age will remain same by following simple diet. This is not some miracle every human being is capable of this with some simple attention to fundamental things.

The Importance of Balancing Acids and Alkaline

Going further in terms of food there is something called as viruda ahara that means if you eat one thing and put another thing which works opposite to that, then in your system there is a war.

The digestive processes largely between acids and alkalines and all this stuff, for example you eat meat which is fatty if you eat it by itself it may not cause that much damage, but you eat that with rice and ghee you call that biryani and the damage is big, because these two things will not go together.

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This is why any non-vegetarian food and milk and milk related food were never mixed. The moment you mix it, that will go opposite to each other and you create a battle within your digestive system.

In the yogic culture food should not remain in your stomach bag for more than two and a half hours. Within two and a half hours you should have moved out. You must be feeling empty stomach, and that is good we want our stomach to be always empty because in an empty stomach everything works well.

The Significance of an Empty Stomach.

The colon health is something that’s completely neglected today if you do not keep your colon clean, keeping your mind in a balanced state is very very difficult. First practice in Ayurveda if you are having sleepless nights or you have any kind of psychological problems, first thing is purging, purge the system, cleaning the colon and suddenly you feel little balanced.

The Importance of Neem and Turmeric in Maintaining Digestive Health

The day starts with a small marble-sized ball of neem and turmeric. there are many aspects to this of what impact it has on your system. It will keep your elementary tract clean. When we say clean the whole digestive process is a region where you have maximum amount of other life.

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So within this elementary tract there are a whole host of microorganisms many of them have turned friendly to us and we are living because of them. We are able to digest food because of them many many functions in the body happen because of them but still there are many who are harmful to us.when Neem is taken along with turmeric, and when these two things go together, largely unnecessary things get eliminated from the digestive system.

It is not a whole solution but it will bring the basic necessary atmosphere in the body to make the corrections either with medicine or with necessary practices.


Eating mindfully and with an understanding of how different foods affect our bodies is an important aspect of Yogic culture. Tamasic food, which causes inertia in the body, should be avoided as it slows down the regeneration process and negatively impacts our cognition levels. Fresh food, on the other hand, has a positive impact on our cellular age and helps maintain a balanced state.

It is crucial to avoid battles within the digestive system by balancing acids and alkalines, and keeping the stomach empty. The colon is also a crucial part of our digestive health and should be kept clean through regular purging. Incorporating a small ball of neem and turmeric in the morning helps eliminate unnecessary substances from the digestive system and creates a conducive environment for necessary corrections to be made.

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