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Lake Placid: 2023 World University Games.

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Lake Placid to 2023 World University Games Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the selection of the Olympic Village as the venue for the 11-day event, which will bring thousands of student-athletes and spectators to the region.”

Lake Placid Selected as Host for 2023 World University Games

Governor Cuomo made the official announcement of Lake Placid as the host for the 2023 World University Games, stating that the Olympic Village is the perfect location for the event. He highlighted the natural and manmade resources of the region and the opportunity to showcase the best of New York and the North Country to an international audience. He also praised the region for having the necessary infrastructure and facilities to host such a large-scale event. The Governor had previously pledged state support in December, which paved the way for the application process..

State Support Paves the Way for Application

Governor Cuomo had previously pledged state support for the event in December, a measure that paved the way for the application process. A local delegation traveled to Lausanne, Switzerland to make a formal presentation to the International University Sports Federation (FISU) last week. Delegates from the Adirondack North Country Global Sports Committee and FISU signed a memorandum of understanding last week, with the parties having until June 15 to finalize a formal agreement.

Creating an Official Organizing Committee

With the signing of the contract, preparations for the 2023 World University Games officially began. An official organizing committee was formed and a master plan was developed, which included a detailed action plan and final concept for the execution of the event.
The International University Sports Federation (FISU) expressed their excitement for the event, with President Oleg Matytsin praising the bid in a statement, saying “From the start, the bid has been one of the strongest we’ve seen. FISU has no doubt that Lake Placid will be an excellent host for the 2023 Winter Universiade, making a lasting impact on the thousands of student-athletes from all around the world who will participate.”

Costs and Revenue for the Event

The 11-day event is held every two years and draws thousands of student-athletes and spectators. Despite the potential high costs associated with hosting the 2023 World University Games, organizers are confident that a series of revenue-generating items will help offset the expenses. These include franchising and participation fees, which are expected to consume a significant portion of the overall cost. Furthermore, the event is also expected to bring significant economic benefits to the region, including an increase in tourism and a boost to local businesses. Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism CEO James McKenna said at a public meeting in January that “We’re probably looking at a gap of $15 million or so…We’ll probably be looking to the state for that.

Regional Involvement and Support

while SUNY and the area’s private colleges and universities will also play a vital role as venues and as a source of volunteers for the event. The 2023 World University Games is expected to attract thousands of student-athletes and spectators from around the world and will showcase the best of the region to an international audience. It is a great opportunity to boost the region’s infrastructure needs while also rekindling the Olympic spirit., a source of volunteers. Representative Elise Stefanik has joined Governor Cuomo in pledging her support for the event.

Lake Placid previously hosted the event in 1972, and Buffalo in 1993. The 2023 World University Games join several additional high-profile events scheduled to be held in Lake Placid, including the 2019 International Children’s Games and the 2021 Bobsled and Skeleton World Championships.

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