Friday, May 24, 2024

New Scotland Map In Upcoming UCI 2023 World Championship

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Zwift is introducing a new Scotland map that is based on the 2023 Glasgow UCI Road World’s location and will be used for the 2023 UCI Esports World Championships in February 2023. The five courses that the map will feature will be available for free ride in March. Personal segment leaderboards will also be added to the companion app, allowing users to review their segment times on any zwift world or course, with records going back to their first ride on Zwift. In addition, hollow replays are coming to full routes, not just segments. Discord integration will also be available, allowing clubs to link their Discord Channels to their events. Other events that are coming up in the next few months include the Z Fondo series, Raffa Festive 500, Tour de Zwift, and Tour of Watopia.

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