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The drastic change in Pelicans star Zion Williamson will terrify the whole NBA.

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Since Zion Williamson, a player for the New Orleans Pelicans, emerged as one of the most anticipated prospects while playing at Duke, his physical condition has been a hot issue in league circles.

Some others questioned if Williamson’s weight for his height and playing style may make him more prone to injuries in the future. Williamson has had an injury-plagued NBA career during the first four years of his career.

However, the 2023–24 campaign may mark the star of the Pelicans’ paradigm shift in that area. Williamson really seems to be in excellent shape and wowed onlookers with his bulked-up figure during the 2023 media day.

Naturally, having toned biceps does not always indicate that a person is in the finest physical shape of their life.

The same is true for Zion Williamson, particularly given that his lower body has been the source of most of his injury issues throughout the course of his career.

The Pelicans star has had issues with his hamstring, foot, and ankle at various points in his career. Additionally, as is customary in professional sports, athletes often exaggerate how in-tune with their bodies they are during the summer, claiming to be in the greatest form of their life.

But at the very least, this supports what Pelicans general manager David Griffin has said. Williamson hasn’t taken this summer seriously in a professional manner before, according to Griffin, who shared this on media day.

This is encouraging for both the future of the 23-year-old forward and the Pelicans organization. Williamson’s health will be crucial to the Pelicans’ chances of succeeding in a crowded Western Conference, as seen by the story of two seasons the club endured when their top player went down with a hamstring injury back in January.

For the sake of the Pelicans, they had best be hoping that Zion Williamson maintains this kind of dedication during a taxing regular season grind in order for the franchise to eventually take its eagerly-awaited step into serious championship contention. But for now, enjoy the excitement, Pelicans supporters.

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