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CONCACAF and COMMODORE Make Historic Partnership: USA to Host Copa America in 2024!

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CONCACAF and COMMODORE Make Historic Partnership all you need to know

The Announcement

Busy week for International Football we’ve had UEFA announce that they’re changing their format for the Nations league as well as Euro and World Cup qualifiers and now COMMODORE and CONCACAF I think have outdone them and made a major announcement which You’re Gonna Love.

We’ll go through that right now but before we do, of course, I’m going to remind you to subscribe to the channel to keep yourself up to date with FIFA and national team news, including predictions and discussions. Without further Ado, let’s get into it. COMMODORE which is South America and CONCACAF, which is North America, have come together to make a strategic partnership.

Now the headline from this announcement is the prestigious South American tournament, the Copa America, is due to be hosted in 2024 by the USA. Not only that, it will include of course the 10 COMMODORE Nations, but also six nations from CONCACAF, and these six North American teams will have to qualify for the normal CONCACAF Nations League which is taking place between 2023 and 2024

Advantages of Hosting the Copa America in North America

  • You may be wondering why they would host the South American Confederation Copa America tournament in North America, specifically, “Ecuador,” because we were originally going to host but they pulled out due to security concerns, but aside from that, the USA has actually hosted the Copa America before, sort of a little bit let me explain to celebrate 100 Years of the Copa America.
  • FIFA announced a one-off tournament in 2016 called The Copa America Centenary, which was held in the United States. On the surface, this appears strange; it’s as if UEFA announced that the Euros would be held in Senegal, but all the nations agreed that hosting in the United States was the right decision.
  • well all except Uruguay fa president Wilma Valdez, who according to Wikipedia complained that the United States “doesn’t feel football,” The US loved soccer, and they did well in the tournament, topping their group and finishing fourth overall, while Uruguay didn’t even make it out of the group—take that, President Valdez, USA!—and, right on cue, Mexico, the other big CONCACAF nation, won their group as well, though they lost seven nil to eventual winners.
  • The Corona Bowl and the Confederation Cup have been BFFs for a while now, and they’ve apparently been having these discussions for some time about a cross-confederation tournament third and discussions about whether they were going to create a brand new tournament or just a permanent change to the Copa America to include North American teams. 

Benefits of the New Copa America Partnership

  • You have to think that this new partnership this new collaboration would mean that we are going to have a permanent tournament between both confederations it sounds to me like they’re just tests in the water just to see how these tournaments get on.
  • you know they had the one in 2016 which obviously went well and now they’re going back to the USA for another tournament I suppose they just need to figure out financially and logistically and from the fan’s point of view do they like it all that sort of stuff but look I believe this tournament is going to benefit both parties.
  • if you think of the likes of the USA and Mexico they need to be playing higher competition, especially leading up to World Cups as well so they can improve better prepare and become more competitive for the corner Bowl just increasing the size of the tournament and adding more Nations to the 10 that they’ve already got just adds more rise onto the competition generates more interest and just improves the tournament.
  • Overall my guess would be that instead of creating a new National Tournament what they’ll probably do is just stick with a permanent increase to The Copa America just because it’s difficult to see with the World Cup the Gold Cup the Copa America the Nations League you know qualifiers where are they going to fit a new tournament into the calendar

Exploring the Partnership Between CONCACAF and COMMODORE

Great news for football fans, as CONCACAF and COMMODORE have announced a brand new partnership! As part of the agreement, the two confederations will launch a new Nations League and a women’s Gold Cup in 2024. Four CONCACAF teams will be invited to participate in the women’s Gold Cup, and the confederations will create a new competition that will include the participation of the best men’s clubs in South America and CONCACAF.

This sounds like some sort of America’s version of the Champions League, potentially featuring MLS, Argentine Premier League, and Brazil Syria. We’ll have to keep an eye out for the developments of this competition. I’m loving these announcements; it’s all really positive. I would like a little bit more information on how the Nations League is going to work exactly; will we have a playoff? Will it just be first and second?

I’d love to know a little bit more about that. Now, coming to the end of January, we’ve had a big announcement from Europe and what they’re doing; we’ve had a big announcement from South and North America; so, over to Asia, over to Africa, even Oceana – I wonder what announcements we’re going to get from them.

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