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Cristiano Ronaldo vs Mario Balotelli

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The quarter-finals of the 2009 champions league had two of the biggest stars of the era facing each other: Cristiano Ronaldo vs Mario Balotelli. Although it seemed like the Italian player was going to emerge victorious, the Portuguese player would leave him speechless by delivering a brilliant performance.

Mario Balotelli made a mistake by mocking Cristiano Ronaldo. The Italian player showcased all his personality against the Portuguese. But cr7 would take revenge on the striker. The quarter-finals of the 2009 champions league hosted a duel between two icons. And Balotelli ended up regretting his actions.

Manchester United was led by Cristiano Ronaldo. Faced off against Inter Milan led by Mario Balotelli. In one of the most epic games of the competition. Although the two stars of the hour faced each other. It seemed that Balotelli was going to win the duel.

Super Mario would learn the lesson. Balotelli was a victim of Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 would take revenge on the Italian Player. After a controversial play between the young rising star and CR7.Inter and United put their lives on the line at Old Trafford. 

A tie in the first leg forced the two teams to go all out. But a certain duel stole the limelight. Mario Balotelli wanted to provoke Cristiano.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Mario Balotelli head to head

Cristiano Ronaldo vs Mario Balotelli
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Although they both promised to show off their talent. Young Balotelli went all out against Cristiano. In one of the most scandalous situations of the game. The Portuguese player received the fury of the Italian player after being brutally kicked by “SUPER MARIO”. The Portuguese player fell down to the ground and Mario yelled at him.

“I will be much better than you”

Cristiano seemed not to care, but….the creams of Balotelli infuriated cr7. It would be the start of a nightmare for the Italian player.

At the beginning of the second half, Ronaldo would show his power in the era when he hit the ball with his head after Rooney centered it. The Portuguese striker changed the scoreboard to 2-0.

That led to Inter Milan and Balotelli’s downfall. Although it would not be the only humiliation “Super Mario” experienced. In a game without highlights, the Italian player was replaced by a Portuguese legend. Luis Figo swapped places with Balotelli. 

The young rising star was defeated by a world champion. Balotelli couldn’t do against Ronaldo. Who got his revenge with a goal that crushed young Balotelli’s hopes and dreams.

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