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NBA Foul Play Rules Explained

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NBA Foul Play Rules Explained

The NBA’s rule book uses a broad level of detail to define what is and is not a personal foul. The personal foul is illegal contact, by an offensive or defensive player.

There are exclusions and conflicting situations, breakdowns in how to assign blame in two-way collisions. And if you don’t make contact, you won’t (or shouldn’t) warn about mistakes.

To discourage the devil, the NBA rules provide penalties for fouls. If an attacking player is fouled while shooting, the shooter is awarded a free throw.

Once a team commits four fouls in a quarter, each of them results in two free throws, or it is committed against an offensive player who is shooting. This is called being in “money”.

But, of course, the most powerful deterrent used by the team is the dismissal of any player who commits too many fouls during the game. How often do you perform at NBA games?
After six fouls of any kind, a player is kicked out of the game.

A player is also sent off after receiving 2 technical fouls, 2 fouls, or 2 fouls. The ejected player must leave the field and cannot sit with his teammates. Who committed the worst offense in NBA history?

Only 13 players in NBA history have broken more than 100 games, regular season and playoff games combined, during their careers. While the offense is not good, this list of 13 players includes seven Hall of Famers.

Player NameFouls
Vern Mikkelsen161
Walter Dukes136
Chuck Share124
Shawn Kemp123
Tom Sanders119
`Darryl Dawkins117
Paul Arizin110
Bailey Howell110
Dave Cowens105
Dolph Schayes103
Frank Ramsey103
Robert Parish102
Tree Rollins101

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